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When considering a loft conversion for your home, the very first factor to create is no matter if the present peak within your roof is tall adequate. The basic rule of thumb measurement is 2.2m from the top rated of the current ceiling joists to the underside of the ridge – that is the issue in the center of the roof.

If your roof is lessen than 2.2m it generally signifies a lawful loft conversion is not possible, as the concluded peak in the loft would be under 2m. Nonetheless, as an alternate, to generate the vital peak necessary to attain a liveable loft area, your existing ceilings to your upstairs rooms can be taken off and the new structural ground can be created at a reduced stage than the initial ceiling. Although this may possibly a bit consume into the initial top of your upstairs rooms, this will make the peak important for your new loft conversion. 

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You should really be knowledgeable that for this method, you will have to vacate your home although this function is carried out. The period of this procedure is generally 2 weeks and will occur at the quite beginning of the build.

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