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Many years of put on and tear have taken a toll on your back again backyard, and now, following a very long and wet wintertime, the state of your patio is much more obvious than at any time. The grout concerning patio slabs has come to be free, cracked and now weeds are growing out of the cracks.

Now, it is time for a transform. With the sunlight creating its look the moment once again, it is the great time to last but not least give your patio some consideration. What improved way to refresh your patio than to repoint the patio slabs?

What is repointing a patio?

Repointing your patio is an effortless and low cost way to make your patio seem brand name-new the moment again but what does repointing imply? Repointing a patio suggests getting rid of old grout and re-use grout between patio slabs.

Who can repoint a patio?

Quite a few individuals can repoint a patio – all you want is the proper components, adequate free of charge time (we would propose a entire weekend) and perhaps a encouraging hand. No matter if you really do not have more than enough spare time to entire this job or would prefer to get it accomplished by a expert, our proficient crew of tradesmen can undertake a wide variety of responsibilities to uplift your outdoors, from repointing patios to stress washing paving stones and treating outdoor wood furnishings.

How normally repoint patio?

There is no set rule on how normally to repoint a patio or either when to repoint a patio. Distinct patio sealers will have diverse lifespans. There are several things that will affect the lifespan of your patio grout, from weather ailments to how generally you clean the patio and additional.

The proper time to repoint a patio will be when you have noticed that the mortar that held the slabs together has begun to crack, crumbled away or is riddled with weeds.

weeds growing out of paving slabs

What to use to repoint patio slabs?

There are a selection of means to repoint patio slabs. Some of the most well-liked techniques involve:

  • Repointing patio with cement
  • Repointing patio with dry mix
  • Repointing patio with resin

How to repoint patio slabs with cement.


  • Cement
  • Pointing bar
  • Mixing bucket
  • Stirrer
  • Trowel
  • Comfortable brush
  • Gun injection equipment
  • Pointing trowel
  • Grout rake

How to:

Step 1 – Force wash patio.

Clean up the patio slabs to eliminate any staining, moss and dust.

Action 2. Take away aged pointing.

Use a grout rake to remove previous pointing. Do this in involving all patio slabs. Sweep absent any residue and filth. You can strain clean marginally yet again to clear away the remaining grime and make the joints damp.

Step 3 – Create mortar combine.

Abide by the product’s guidance on how to create the ideal mortar mix. With the assistance of a trowel, load mortar blend into gun injection gear. You could select to do it with out a gun, use a pointing trowel in its place.


Phase 4.  Push mortar within the joints.

Thrust the mortar combine inside of the slab joints. Any mortar that goes on the patio slabs can be wiped off with a clear moist sponge. Any further bits of mortar can be brushed off.

Action 5 – Keep it moist.

Do not allow the mortar dry out too promptly. Immediately after you’ve pointed the patio, enable it sit for a few of hrs (relying on the temperature). If you see the mortar beginning to get very mild, make it moist with a great mist of h2o using a hosepipe. The next day, make it damp all over again with a high-quality mist a few of moments a day.

How to repoint patio slabs with dry blend.


  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Grout rake
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Trowel
  • Broom

How to:

Action 1. Take out outdated grout.

Use a grout rake to take out previous pointing. Do this in amongst all patio slabs. Sweep away any residue and dust or use a vacuum cleaner to hoover any filth or leftover residue extra totally.

Stage 2 – Develop dry mix.

Converse to a community skilled for advice on the most effective dry mix ratio for your site. Combine it alongside one another right up until you have no crumbly bits of sand. You want to aim for a consistency that retains together when becoming squeezed. Use security gloves when testing the regularity of your dry blend.

Phase 3 – Force blend in.

Use a trowel to insert the dry blend into the joints of the slabs. Compact it down. Do this yet again until eventually the combine is bigger up and firmly compacted in. Use a brush to sweep any leftover dry combine over. Make guaranteed to not depart any mix on top of the slabs as it may stain. Go away it to overcome.


finished patio

How to repoint patio slabs with resin.


  • Resin compound
  • Grout rake
  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Pointing trowel

How to:

Phase 1 – Get rid of current pointing.

Use a grout rake to clear away the outdated pointing. After this has been eliminated, clean up the joints totally. Use a brush to scrape out any debris and use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any old pointing that is caught in the joints.

Stage 2 – Soak the patio.

With a hosepipe, damp the whole patio and in involving the joints.

Stage 3 – Fill in joints and brush.

Open up the resin compound bag. Switch it upside down and fill the joints with the compound. Use a broom to brush the mix inside the joints. Compact the combine using a pointing trowel. Brush it in and compact once again. Hose it off in a mist as you go and brush off any further resin.

finished terrace

If all of this looks like a little bit as well significantly – why not contact the gurus? Our skilled workforce will be in a position to change your patio in a well timed way. In addition to currently being capable to pressure clean patios and repoint patio joints, our painters and decorators can also paint your home’s exterior and more. Give us a connect with today on 0800–12-12-12 or request a quote by filling our online type.