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If you think you’ve got a water meter leak, you will want to get the dilemma sorted as quickly as probable. You may be billed for drinking water you have not made use of if you depart the leak unresolved. Generally, a leaking water meter is not noticed until you look at it. We’d persuade every person to seem at their drinking water meter each and every couple months to catch any troubles early on.

In this report, we’ll appear at why leaks come about, and who is dependable for fixing them.

Why do water meters leak?

Drinking water meters can begin leaking for several explanations, like:

  • Dress in and tear
  • Faulty seals or gaskets
  • Free connections
  • Burst pipes caused by freezing or corrosion
  • High water tension
  • Inadequate set up

Who is responsible for fixing a drinking water meter leak?

The drinking water enterprise is accountable for keeping source pipes in the drinking water supply method that are outside the house of a assets boundary. That signifies if drinking water is leaking from the meter by itself, and it is outside of the home boundary, the drinking water organization is accountable for finding it fastened.

The assets operator is normally accountable for shelling out for repairs of the drinking water meter and any offer pipes if they are in just the home boundary.

Assets boundaries

Residence boundaries commonly establish who is responsible for h2o provide leaks. There are unique styles of underground h2o offer pipes:

  • Drinking water mains: significant pipes that have drinking water throughout the community. Normally beneath roads and pavements. The drinking water companies preserve them
  • Communication pipes: these link from the water mains to the residence boundary. They are also the duty of the water company.
  • H2o meters: they’re most usually outside the house of the assets boundary. If they are, the water business is liable for correcting leaks on them. If they are in the property boundary however, the property proprietor is commonly dependable for maintenance and repairs.
  • Provide pipes: these link the water meter to the residence up to the point of the inside cease faucet (also recognized as a end valve or stopcock). If they’re beneath the house boundary, they’re the responsibility of the residence operator to manage and resolve.

My drinking water meter hole is total of drinking water: is there a leak?

Have a glance at your meter. In dry weather, the gap the meter sits in should really be dry. If you notice that the hole is full of drinking water, or there’s a moist patch, there could quite possibly be a leak.

How much h2o is becoming wasted?

Regardless of exactly where your meter is situated, if h2o that is leaking has passed through the meter, you will be receiving charged for wasted h2o.

If you really don’t know how much you are spending for squandered h2o from a leaking meter, you can do a easy examination. This can test for a leak in the provide pipes. It can also be made use of to estimate the amount of drinking water leaking.

  1. Change off halt faucet inside the property to assure no h2o to staying utilised
  2. Examine your drinking water meter
  3. Wait for as extensive as feasible (ideally many hours)
  4. Take yet another meter reading

Your h2o company can figure out the total of water remaining squandered just about every 7 days.

If you feel you have a drinking water meter leak

  • Simply call your water company: in advance of making contact with an authorized plumber, report the issue to your water enterprise straight away. You are going to be asked to mail them image evidence. They’ll then do an assessment and permit you know if the leak is your obligation or theirs.
  • Call outs: reaction instances for h2o meter leaks can range. Some h2o organizations will aim to have leaks fixed inside of 12 several hours for serious conditions. For less essential leaks, this may perhaps be extended. Having said that, if they are liable for correcting the leak and they fall short to do so, you must talk to ofwat.gov.Ireland for assistance.

E book a leak detection professional

If you’re dependable for the leak, you must ebook an Component leak detection expert. They can examine for a leak in a water provide pipe underground between the meter and a assets. See much more on our Underground Water Leak Detection web site.

Do not panic: Reserve an Aspect leak detection specialist. They can do a complete investigation and any repairs necessary.

We recognize that leaving concerns like these can price tag you dollars. Which is why we’re obtainable 24/7 and can set up for unexpected emergency connect with-outs.